Professor Health is an internet-based magazine that publishes the latest health news and stories.

The main content of Professor Health includes aging, medicine, mental health, nutrition, pregnancy, psychology, public health, and wellness.

Founded in 2017 in Sydney, Australia, Professor Health aims to provide timely, enlightened and inspiring health news for the public and help people live a healthy life.

The content of each article is selected based on the latest health or medical research published in peer-reviewed journals or reported by universities and research institutes worldwide. Using this content selection method, Professor Health ensures each news or story published is reliable.

In addition, Professor Health aims to publish news whose topics are close to people’s daily life and whose contents are written with few jargons.

Jargons can make health articles hard to understand and not readable. This will build a barrier between the science community and the public and make it difficult to disseminate health research findings to the audience outside the field.