New blood test for pancreatic cancer may allow earlier diagnosis

New Blood Test for Pancreatic Cancer May Allow Earlier Diagnosis

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer. One reason is that it is usually detected at a late stage.

To facilitate the diagnosis of this cancer, in a recent study, researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital developed a new blood test.

This test could evaluate extracellular vesicles in patient plasma for protein markers associated with the presence of pancreatic cancer.

The authors found a five-marker signature that yielded the most accurate diagnosis.

To validate the test, the researchers analyzed samples from patients with pancreatic cancer and other types of pancreatic disease, as well as healthy controls.

They confirmed the accuracy of their signature in prospectively collected samples. These findings suggest that this approach offered higher sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy than the existing tests.

The results could help improve the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in the future.