Soy protein can help you lose weight

Soy protein can help you lose weight

High-protein diets are frequently used for weight management due to their ability to enhance energy expenditure and help grow muscles.

Compared to animal-based protein, the plant-based protein, soy, shows equivalence for appetite and satiety.

However, so far there is limited evidence regarding the role of soy protein in weight loss and maintenance.

In a new study, researchers from University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus conducted a 12-month study to compare the effects of eating supplemental soy vs. other types of protein as part of a high-protein diet on weight management.

The team focused on the change in body weight after 4-months of interventional weight loss. They also checked weight change at 12 months, blood pressure, lipids, C-reactive protein, body composition and personal wellness.

People who took part in the program were asked to consume 3 servings of pre-made soy or non-soy protein foods per day for 12 months.

Body composition was assessed via dual x-ray absorptiometry and personal wellness via validated questionnaires.

The analyses demonstrated both diets were comparable for relative weight change at month 4.

These results indicate that the regular consumption of soy protein is comparably useful to other protein for weight loss.

The findings are published the FASEB Journal.