Even most common daily physical activity can save lives

Even most common daily physical activity can save lives

It is well known that being physically active is important to maintain health and wellness.

However, many people think only gym workout or sports can work. A recent study published in The Lancet shows that any kind of activity can prevent heart disease and death.

This means even the most common daily activity, like walking to office, gardening, and washing the floor can help you live longer and healthier.

The study draws the conclusion based on data from more than 130,000 people from 17 countries.

The researchers found that any activity is good for people’s health if they do 30-minute of activity every day, 5 days a week to raise the heart rate.

This result is important because many people don’t have time to do leisure-time physical activity such as jogging, gym workout, or swimming.

However, they can easily do some physical activity related to their daily work or life. For example, they can do a bit more housework, walk to grocery stores instead of driving, wash their cars, and clean the house more frequently.

All these activities can keep the heart healthy. And when people meet the activity guidelines, their risk of death from any cause could be reduced by 28%, while heart disease risk could be reduced by 20%.

Furthermore, the more people being active, the lower their risk of death and heart disease. For instance, people getting more than 750 minutes of brisk walking per week have a 36% reduction in risk of death.

The researchers suggest it is important to incorporate physical activity into daily life. In that way, people can get full benefits of exercise.

They estimate that if everyone was active for at least 150 minutes per week, over seven years a total of 8% of deaths could be prevented.

The study is called The Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study, led by the Population Health Research Institute of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences.